Bridal Fascinator - Bridal Headpiece - Floral Adornment with Feathers - #StyleMaJosephine17

189 EUR

A delicate floral adornment shaped with one handmade lace rose, one bead flower and a lot of feathers for a soft look with a smooth movement. The adornment can be used with different hairstyles. The lace rose is hand cut/pressed petal by petal.

- 10cm x 16cm Adornment
- Available colors: White or Ivory with bead flower and details in white/silver/golden/pearly
- Fastened with an alligator clip for a secure and easy fastening
- Each piece could be a slightly different due to the organic nature of its design
- Handmade in Denmark by a Brazilian Designer

This item is shipped out within 1-2 weeks (shipping times not included).