Bridal Headpiece - Floral Adornment with Feathers - #StyleMaJosephine08

170 EUR

A whimsical hair arrangement made of lace and bead flowers and feathers. It can be worn on the side or the back of the head combining perfectly with different hairstyles. Weightless and comfortable, easy to use and remove.

- Made with lace and chiffon fabrics, feathers and Preciosa® beads
- 9cm x 18cm Adornment
- Available colors: White or Ivory with white/silver/golden/pearly details
- Fastened with a comb for a secure fastening
- Each piece could be a slightly different due to the organic nature of its design
- Handmade in Denmark by a Brazilian Designer

This item is shipped out within 1-2 weeks (shipping times not included).